Creativity : from potential to realization

Creativity : from potential to realization
Grigorenko, Elena.; Singer, Jerome L.; Sternberg, Robert J.
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Washington (D.C.) : American psychological association, 2004
X, 226 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Creative ability
Technische innovatie
Who is creative...and why? And what does it mean to be creative? Is a creative individual a master-of-all trades or a master of one? In other words, is creativity a generalized attribute or is it a domain-specific attribute? In Creativity: The Psychology of Creative Potential and Realization, authors ponder these questions and discuss the attributes that lead people to be creative in various fields such as the arts and letters, the sciences, and business. The emphasis of this volume is on the theoretical issue of whether the attributes that lead to creativity in one domain are the same as those that lead to creativity in another domain. Researchers and students alike will find these discussions delightfully intriguing. The study of creativity is burgeoning and multidisciplinary, in that it involves approaches of social, personality, cognitive, clinical, biological, differential, developmental, and educational psychology. The book will be of interest a wide range of psychologist, researchers and students., Heisenberg's haiku, Madonna's math : why it is hard to be creative in -- Everyone of the house / James C. Kaufman and John Baer -- The artistic personality : a systems perspective / Sami Abuhamdeh and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi -- The general-specificity of creativity : a multivariate approach / Todd Lubart and Jacques-Henri Guignard -- Everyone has creative potential / Mark A. Runco -- The evolved fluid specificity of human creative talent / Gregory J. Feist -- Creativity as a constrained stochastic process / Dean Keith Simonton -- Inventors : the ordinary genius next door / Sheila J. Henderson -- Artistic scientists and scientific artists : the link between polymathy and creativity / Robert Root-Berstein and Michele Root Berstein -- Why creativity is domain general, why it looks domain specific, and why the distinction doesn't matter / Jonathan A. Plucker and Ronald A. Beghetto -- Vertical and horizontal mentoring for creativity / Mia Keinanen and Howard Gardner -- Concluding comments : cross-over creativity or domain specificity? / Jerome L. Singer.