System level design model with reuse of system IP.

System level design model with reuse of system IP.
Cavalloro, Patrizia; Gendarme, Christophe; Kronlöf, Klaus
Boston : Kluwer, 2003
211 p. : ill.
GKG.LWB.681.3 CAVA 03 (Graaf Karel de Goedelaan Kortrijk)
"System Level Design Model with re-Use of System IP"addresses system design by providing a framework for assessing anddeveloping system design practices that observe and utilise reuse ofsystem design know-how. The know-how accumulated in the companiesrepresents an intellectual asset, or property ('IP').The current situation regarding system design in general is, that themethods are insufficient, informally practised, and weakly supportedby formal techniques and tools. Regarding system design reuse themethods and tools for exchanging system design data and know-howwithin companies are ad hoc and insufficient. The means availableinside companies being already insufficient, there are actually noways of exchanging between companies.To establish means for systematic reuse, the required system designconcepts are identified through an analysis of existing design flows, and their definitions are catalogued in the form of a glossary andtaxonomy. The System Design Conceptual Model (SDCM) formalises theconcepts and their relationships by providing meta-models for both thesystem design process (SDPM) and the system under design (SUDM). Themodels are generic enough so that they can be applied in variousorganisations and for various kinds of electronic systems. Systemdesign patterns are presented as example means for enhancing reuse.The characteristics of system-level IP, a list of heuristic criteriaof system-IP reusability, and guidelines for assessing system IPreusability within a particular design flow provide a pragmatic viewto reuse. An analysis of selected languages and formalisms, andguidelines for the analysis of system-level languages provides meansfor assessing how the expression andrepresentation of system designconcepts are supported by languages."System Level Design Model with re-Use of System IP" describesboth a theoretical framework and various practical means for improvingreuse in the design of complex