The people watchers : hidden-camera show examining human behaviour

The people watchers : hidden-camera show examining human behaviour
S.l. : BBC, 2008
3 DVD'S.
Sociale psychologie
A covert team of psychologists carry out hidden camera experiments on the public. The People Watchers manipulate people in every kind of situation; the job interview, speed dating, identity parade, supermarket, high street, bar, restaurant, school and courtroom. Through hidden camera experiments, three psychologists show viewers how people think and how it affects everything we do. They play characters in hidden camera experiments to show how the minds of unsuspecting members of the public react to a variety of situations. They draw them into scenarios to study and measure their reactions. Viewers gain an insight and understanding into how human beings think and behave., 1. Episode 4: Today, the three psychologists study the art of lying, the effect of the placebo and the mentality of shopping. Episode 5: How much do you remember of what you've seen this week? We give you 15 multiple choice questions about experiments undertaken during the series so far., 2. Episode 6: What is the psychology of queuing? Do people perform better at sport if they are given encouragement? And how long does it take to learn how to be a psychic? Episode 7: How much does presentation matter in sales? Do people waiting at a reception desk get angrier if there are other people around? Do people enjoy doing a good deed more if they are not rewarded for it?, 3. Episode 8: Can psychological tricks help you at a speed dating session? What is dowsing? And is there a way of convincing strangers that you are their old friend? Episode 9: Can people tell random sequences from designed sequences? How far does subliminal advertising affect our choices?